Path/Trip Mission Mapping

Our Path and Trip Mission Mapping helps clients better understand the impact of retail layouts and in-store communications on shoppers’ trips. IDG uses our mobile eye-tracking to quantitatively measure shoppers’ path and visual response from the curb through their exit. Data collection is executed targeting various shopper segments and trip missions.

This proprietary process can measure all aspects of a shopper’s trip from signage, displays, front end, category engagement and individual SKUs. Our “Power” metric eliminates the inflation of communication vehicle performance by correcting for the skew of multiple communication vehicles.

By coding the fixation data at a larger scale during a full shopping trip, IDG can map shoppers’ paths throughout the store. “Hot Spots” can be overlaid on top of the paths representing areas in the store that gained the most visual attention. A deep dive into the data can also dissect specific aisles regarding shopability, brand engagement, package breakthrough and shopper search patterns.

Clients can then determine ideal locations for communication vehicles by trip mission. Segments will vary regarding overall store path making it easier to target specific communications toward individual segments. By taking the guesswork out of planning and reducing budget waste by bombarding shoppers with visual stimuli, a more effective and targeted in-store strategy can be created.