Market Penetration

A local CPG company has been a staple in its category for generations, but had its main distribution in only one state. The client wanted to expand its distribution to penetrate retail markets on a national level. IDG developed a multi-phased research program that leverage deep-dive qualitative research to understand why the local consumers liked the product and brand so much and how that compared to the perceptions of the competition. Once the DNA of the client’s brand was mapped, taste tests were fielded in the target states followed by a multi-platform segmentation and landscape assessment of the consumer base.

The gaps in the national market were identified where the DNA attributes of the client’s brand could fit and target segments were identified based on product usage, attitudes, shopping characteristics and SKU facet preferences. The client’s brand was able to clearly identify their niche in retail at a national level. They expanded distribution in the top retailers and gained shelf space using a marketing plan driven by their ability to fill the market gaps and fit to their target consumer segments.

To further solidify their national retail presence, IDG leveraged our mobile eye-tracking to test and optimize packaging concepts yielding highest possible breakthrough and engagement on the shelf resulting in successful market penetration at the national level.