Shopper Insights

Our shopper insights solutions leverage in-store, retail labs, virtual and mobile venues to best fit the ideal method, project objectives, budget and timeline. When in-store research is not feasible, our clients can use online simulated shelves or retail labs where the store environment is modeled to scale. We also have our unique 4K resolution rear-projection virtual aisle.

IDG’s shopper research enables our clients to benefit from qualitative and quantitative approaches all under one roof. As industry leaders in mobile eye-tracking and the first to successfully model visual attention to sales, our shopper insights capabilities provide a 360 degree understanding of your customers’ experience and path identifying opportunities for optimization from every perspective.

Informed Decisions Group has been innovating shopper research methods and analytics for over 15 years with Fortune 500 clients. Using retail ethnography, shop-alongs, intercepts, eye-tracking and geo-net triggered mobile research, we’ve provided our clients with the proprietary approaches for:

  • Shopability
  • Packaging
  • Path-to-purchase
  • Plan-o-grams
  • Signage
  • Displays
  • POS materials
  • Navigation
  • Menuboards