Our qualitative team consists of experts in behavioral science rather than just moderators. As client needs have become progressively complex, so have our teams’ qualitative abilities. IDG experts listen and observe to understand how conscious and unconscious motivations lead to specific behaviors, then we apply these data to behavioral theories and generate strategic insights with actionable progress points.

Our qualitative team is trained in psychology, psycholinguistics, content analysis, laddering and ethnography. This level of expertise in behavioral science enables our team to understand the measurement of buyer motivations, how to uncover key decision criteria and remove any barriers on the path-to-purchase (Especially those that are unspoken) yielding optimal communication through packaging and retail spaces.

Some of our proprietary and most used qualitative solutions include:

  • Benefit chip game (Qualitative conjoint)
  • Compensating behaviors
  • Customer Intercepts
  • Dyads, triads, mini-groups & focus groups
  • Digital ethnography & eCommerce
  • Retail ethnography
  • In-depth interviews
  • Laddering & metaphor elicitation
  • Mobile diaries & in-the-moment
  • Passive digital behavior data collection