Trip-Mission Mapping

A CPG client wanted to better understand their in-store signage and its impact on customers’ trip-mission to optimize sign types and locations. They partnered with a retailer and IDG to use our mobile eye-tracking to quantitatively measure shoppers’ visual response from the parking lot and throughout the entire store. Data collection was executed on a national level targeting various shopper segments.

The effectiveness of all store signage was measured for breakthrough, engagement as well as impact based on the number of signs and the individual impact of specific signs by correcting for the skew of multiple signs. The eye-tracking data was coded for the signage itself as well as by location to be able to optimize the communications vehicles and their placement.

Ideal locations for specific types of signage were identified based on the full shopper trip. Additionally, segments varied regarding their overall store path making it easier to target specific communications toward individual segments. By taking the guesswork out of planning and wasting budget by bombarding shoppers with signage, a more effective and targeted signage campaign was created that saved resources in the process.