Menuboard Optimization

One of the largest quick-serve restaurants (QSR) was in the process of optimizing their drive-thru menuboard so it was more aesthetically appealing to customers as well as making it easier to find menu items. In the past the client relied on more traditional methods such as interviewing and intercepting customers, but the resulting menuboard designs did not yield increased sales of certain items.

IDG designed a study leveraging our mobile eye-tracking with ethnographic observations of customers ordering using the drive-thru menu. The results brought to light areas of the menuboard that were going unnoticed as well as items that were cannibalizing attention and yielding unbalanced stimuli between images, text and the actual items. By further understanding the path-to-purchase and habitual behaviors from the ethnographic analysis, an optimized menu design was generated by the client that utilized the menuboard real estate in the most efficient way possible and increased sales of suffering items.