Path To Purchase

Employing our ID-Sights™ approach puts the shopping experience in context with learnings gained in-home, socially, online, mobile, commuting, at work, and at retail capturing insights at every touch point where purchase decisions begin. Once the touch points are identified and their unique impact on the purchase decision is measured, IDG provides strategies to optimize each touch point along consumers’ path-to-purchase whether it be digital content, word-of-mouth, promotions, messaging to retail plan-o-grams and packaging.

Exploiting every tool and innovation, IDG’s team of consumer psychologists, behavioral neuroscientists, statisticians and ethnographers identify each point in the progression of purchase behavior to uncover the motivations related to trip missions as well as latent motivations and emotions that convert the consumer to a shopper and finally to your customer.

IDG applies multiple methods and tools to best measure the unique path-to-purchase for your customers including geo-net triggered data collection for both quantitative and time extended qualitative activities, ethnography, eye-tracking & neuro-measurement to pinpoint triggers along the path that elicit positive and negative emotional states.