Marketing Sciences

The marketing sciences group at IDG is one that shares a passion for innovating and applying advanced analytics for management decision making. The team is comprised of experts from multiple disciplines including social sciences, applied mathematics/statistics and behavioral/neuro-sciences. This groups’ work and dedication goes beyond business decisions and spans to journal and trade publications developing new advancements in the field as well as academic appointments.

Our team are experts in applying the most actionable marketing sciences solutions including:

  • Multi-platform segmentation (Fitting multiple platforms into one integrated solution)
  • Market gap and opportunity analysis
  • Perceptual mapping and landscape navigation
  • Conjoint models including discrete choice, adaptive discrete choice and allocation-based
  • TURF and data optimizations
  • Interactive online market simulator tools
  • Max/Diff and stated/derived hybrids
  • PLS Structural equations modeling/simulations
  • Neuron (Neural network) modeling/simulations