xPress Eye-Tracking

IDG’s online webcam eye-tracking solution allows clients to test visual stimuli without requiring a central location. Sample is acquired from online panels just as with an online survey.  No hardware or software is needed by the respondents… Just a webcam. This more easily enables large and international samples for eye-tracking testing with quick turnarounds (In as little as 2 days).

This enables our clients to see immediately the results of advertising testing, shelf and package testing and website testing. In the past most had to rely on central location stationary eye-tracking studies, but now we have made eye tracking available in a simple, quick and cost-effective way.

The results are presented in a standardized report. It shows you what your customers actually look at, helping you to develop and optimize your ad, package or website. This will allow you to feel more confident in marketing strategies and will fit short timelines. Our eye tracking technology for webcams also allows you to carry out studies on several markets in different countries at the same time, and receive rapid actionable insights globally.