“IDG does a better job than most of combining a practical business approach with the academics and rigor of market research. The projects they design are always right-sized according to the ROI of the business issue that needs solved. Furthermore, their deliverables go far beyond numbers, charts, and graphs; They do the extra work behind the scenes to understand my business and provide meaningful recommendations and insights.” ~ ACCEL Performance Group

“The folks at IDG have performed various market research projects for me. Each time I work with them is a wonderful experience! Their team consistently provides creative and effective market research solutions. The quality of work is always of the highest level, and done so at a very reasonable cost. Not to mention, usually performed under very tight timelines. With IDG, you get the benefits of experience and market research expertise, with the personal touch of working with a small agency. I would recommend IDG to anyone with market research needs.” ~ USG

“I’ve always been impressed with their expertise, out-of-the-box thinking, and enthusiasm for doing cutting edge research. IDG regularly reaches out to me with new, advanced capabilities, and are always on the lookout for the next, practical research innovation. They are great consultants who will give you a second opinion to your ideas, talk through pros and cons and will make recommendations towards arriving at great insights.” ~ dunnhumby

“Our work with IDG has innovated the way we look at shopper insights and in-store research from a mobile and visual perspective. Adding eye-tracking to our behavioral data has helped us to understand how changes in store impact shopper behavior and sales. By knowing which elements are catalysts and which are cannibalizing attention has given us a scientific security in our strategies for signage, aisle organization and POGs.” ~ dunnhumby

“IDG is my go-to company whenever I need consumer research. They are genius without pomp and always deliver great results with an enthusiastic spirit. Furthermore, they are proactive learners and I appreciate their commitment to exploring and offering cutting edge techniques. I highly recommended them!” ~ Head Country Food Products