IDG has innovated solutions that tend to have higher price tags as well as longer timelines so our clients don’t have to sacrifice the right methodology due to cost and timing. Our xPress Suite is not a research-lite offering, but rather efficient designs that provide the same core insights, but fits into truncated timelines and budgets.

xPress Choice Modeling
By using an online simulator tool, which provides all of the output that is provided in the report, IDG can offer choice modeling and market simulators in a quick and inexpensive solution. Most projects are completed in less than a week and since xPress focuses on the choice modeling and simulator rather than a lengthy report, costs are significantly lower than from any supplier.Our clients can conduct “what-if” scenarios to investigate issues such as new products, positioning, pricing strategy, communications, cannibalization and portfolio optimization.  Our simulators report utilities (importance & preference scores) as well as allow our clients to segment and weight their simulations.

xPress Visual
Our xPress Visual solution allows clients to leverage eye-tracking using respondents’ webcams. This provides the ability to test with visual stimuli using online panels where members with webcams are pre-identified. This more easily enables large and international samples for eye-tracking testing with quick turnarounds. Our clients can quickly see the results of advertising testing, shelf and package testing and website testing. In the past most had to rely on central location stationary eye-tracking studies, but now we have made eye tracking available in a simple, quick and cost-effective way. The results are presented in a standardized report. It shows you what your customers actually look at, helping you to develop and optimize your ad, package, shelf or website. This will allow you to feel more confident in marketing strategies and will fit short timelines.

xPress Omnibus
IDG’s xPress omnibus surveys provide continuous research results on census-balanced national populations, sector-specific markets, and demographic segments. This shared-cost offering is designed to enable researchers to gain fast, cost-effective survey results when a full custom study is not required. xPress omnibus surveys include targets for consumers, affluent consumers, small businesses, IT decision makers, teens, college-aged and young adults. An Excel data file and standard cross-tabs (e.g. both Word and Excel) based on collected standard demographics will be delivered by e-mail. Customized cross-tabs, ASCII, and SPSS data files are available for an additional fee.